Goa- Footsteps in the sands of time

Goa, an exciting tropical state which is a perfect blend of traditional Konkan culture and the varied natural beauty. Back in the 60’s and 70’s the north of the island became a hippy haven, an escape from the hum drum of the city life. Somewhere backpackers could hang out and relax. With time goa has been sought after as the perfect holiday destination. Be it a wedding or a college trip with friends, or a trip your parents take after retiring. Goa is popular with its rich heritage the tropical climate and the warm welcoming people. Not to pass over the authentic sea food.

All About Goa


1 Living like a local

As time progressed, so have the people. Now Goa welcomes people from every walk of life. People want to see goa for its true self. Take a day trip to Divar Island to be transported back to a simpler time. The slow rhythm of Goan life. A short ferry from the island. You can spend your day exploring the laid-back villages and absorbing the distinct Portuguese architecture.


2 Let’s talk food

There are always some lovely places to eat, enjoy some fantastic sandwiches and cocktails at Felix. If you care for some Lebanese food try out Kefi café and Bistro. Its pet friendly so that’s an added bonus. Pet some dogs and tickle some kitty fur. For some coffee and croissants check out Babka in Assagao. But let me not spoil it for you, explore goa and find small quaint cafes that have larger beer and cute wooden settings. A classic place for burgers is the Burger Factory in Anjuna. And if you’re into art then head over to Artjuna for an exquisite brunch.


3 Time to visit

The best time to visit goa is from October to April. Freshly out of the monsoons and in a celebratory mood for the upcoming holidays. Swinging into the perfect spring.


4 When in Goa

North goa is known as the tourist hub. If you’re looking to party, or just enjoy a day at the beach with some water sports, then north goa is the destination. But everyone knows goa as just that, but here’s a little more, a little more beyond the beaches and shacks.


5 In the lanes of Old Goa

Explore the Latin Quarter of Panjim, take a walk down the gorgeous winding lanes. The Fontainhas is a heritage site and its very obvious why. It has these old colorful Portuguese style houses with quaint restaurants and art galleries. There is always a place to relax if you’re a bit overwhelmed taking in the sights. An age-old Goa-bakery ‘Confiteria 31 De Janeiro Bakery’ is a perfect place to set up camp for a while.


6 Offbeat places to check out

You can start with exploring Old goa. The UNESCO world heritage site – the Basillica of Bom Jesus. It is a bit crowded with tourists but it’s worth the visit. However, around those areas are old churches that were made far back in the day. Though they may be a tad bit dilapidated, but the architecture and the building in itself is mesmerizing. To top it off, you might be the only one viewing those striking churches. An interesting place to visit in goa is the Three kings church which sits on top of a hill and has a panoramic view. The chapel is about 10-12km from Dabolim airport. This chapel was founded in 1599 by Fr. Goncalo Carvalho. From this chapel you can see a plethora of coconut trees plantation. Open fields, and the Arabian sea. It is said that this chapel is haunted, many locals swear by the paranormal activity but there has been no proof of it.


7 The Forts of Goa

There are always the well-known places you can visit. The old port fort – Chapora. Well known for many movies also being shot there. The fort overlooks the Chapora river to Pernem on the north, and Vagator towards south. A brief history of this fort, so you know why it should possibly be on your list of places to visit whilst in goa. This fort was built in 1683 by the Marathas and it eventually became a base camp. It became a northern outpost. However, the Portuguese took over the fort after their encounter with the Marathas. In 1717 the Portuguese made extensive renovations to the fort and added tunnels and bastions. However, the fort changed many hands after the Portuguese acquired this fort. Eventually in 1892, the fort was completely abandoned, the fort lost its military significance towards the end of the century. Even today you can see remnants of cannons and the wars that fort has seen. For a stunning sunset, there is Aguada fort, near the fort is a path that leads to a cliff, sounds exciting? Over the edge of the cliff you can just take in the vast ocean and the many hues of the sky and the cool breeze in your hair.


8 Immersed in Nature

If you want to go off track there is always the Harvalem waterfall, nestled in Arvalem village. The water fall isn’t as gigantic as the Dudhsagar waterfall but it is surrounded by lush green forest. The waterfall is concealed from most of the world, the water is pristine clear and quiet. Close to the waterfalls is also the Rudreshwar temple which is also known as the Pandava Caves.


9 A little off South

If you’re looking to try out some water sports the best place would be the south goa beaches. A perfect place to get a hand on surfing, swimming or paragliding. The beaches are far less crowded and the waters calm. I hope as your feet embrace the soft sands you find a bit of peace. If you need help planning the right holiday to goa, look into House of Travelers. Happy Exploring!