Maldives – A Runaway To The Secret Paradise Part - I

Post-Covid Getaway to the Maldives – An Experience to Cherish If the entire year so far had been all dull and gloomy for you, it is time you end it with a different note. While the whole world is slowly stepping into what we can call, the post-Covid-19 scenario, everything is gradually getting back to normal. And what else could be a better option than planning a little vacation with your dear and loved one(s) to an amazing tropical hotspot: the island country of Maldives!

Geography: Where is the Maldives?


1 Where is the Maldives?

The Republic of Maldives, consisting of about 1196 islands in the Arabian Sea of the Indian ocean, lies across the equator and stretches to a total length of 871 kilometres. Only 200 of these islands are inhabited and a select few are exclusively used for agriculture and industry. While an approximate area of 90,000 square km is covered by the country, just 298 square km of that total area is dry land making it the smallest Asian country by both population and land area. It lies southwest of Sri Lanka and India and is essentially a paradisical escape.


2 The Environment

The beautiful coral reefs are one of the main attractions in the Maldives and it provides a natural defense system to the country. The country’s main economy depends on these riffs and the stunning ecosystem that it offers. Starting from coral reefs to seagrass beds and mangroves, the country also protects various marine species and birds making it a rich biodiverse nation.


3 Connectivity – Reaching The Maldives & Exploring Its Transportation

This small island nation is pretty well connected to the rest of the world bringing in tourists by air, mainly to the Valena International Airport, the primary gateway to the Maldives. International traffic is the highest from Colombo, Sri Lanka, various Indian cities, and Dubai. Once you are in the Maldives, you can travel to any of the twelve airports where flights are operated daily. However, commuting in seaplanes, speedboats, yachts or scheduled ferries are the major attractions of Maldives. Once you book your accommodation, transfers will be preorganized and this is when you can try out these water transports. But this is just the beginning! In no time you surely will be mesmerized by the luxurious beauty of your tropical destination! Explore the white sand beaches and gin-clear water with your friends or make it special by arranging a beach date, with your loved one in one of the most serene destinations ever. If you want to relax and are also lazy to walk to the beach, you can book your stay in any one of the numerous overwater bungalows and water villas that are open for booking. If lucky, you could also get to avail a special discount, as per your hotel terms and conditions. But this is just the tip of the iceberg. What you might want to do is, you can customize your trip and plan for only those activities which you like the most. The most popular romantic getaway with the perfect tropical charm cannot wait to see you there! Let’s see what else is in store.


4 Some Special Focus

Male is the capital and also the most populous city in the Republic of Maldives. It comes with a historical background in the sense that the royal dynasties ruled from there and it was called the King’s Island. However, in the present day, only the Friday mosque exists along with museums open to tourists. If you take a closer look at the Maldives map you will notice many atolls, 26 to be specific, that form the country which is by default full of thrill and beauty. This is because the Maldives is formed on one of the world’s highest underwater mountains. The culture of the Maldivian people is unique. They are extremely experienced boat builders and have been making boats for centuries, which can withstand near about any sea condition. The rich tradition of Maldivian crafts includes finely woven reed mats, lacquered wooden ornaments, and coral carvings among many others that have been passed down generations over a long period of time. Though you have an option of a wide variety of cuisines in the Maldives, one should not miss out on local food in restaurants and cafes. The traditional Maldivian food depends heavily on coconut and fish and is unparallel to any other style of food anywhere in the world.


5 Some important information

The Maldives is the lowest country in the world. Not even one island crosses the mark of 6 feet from sea level. 1 meter is the average elevation of the Maldives. You should try out ferries that often turn out to be comparatively pocket friendly yet give you that feel of commuting on water. Plan your trip with House of Travellers and get an amazing insight into all the options that you can explore in the Maldives. Remember that whichever side you want to cover, Maldives comprises equally beautiful landscapes. Kayaking is full of adventure and thrill and a water sport that you must try out! Also, don’t forget to experience the beautiful setting sun on the horizon when you are out adventuring! Swimming or relaxing with your partner at the Dhigura beach is a must, since, going by numerous experiences, it’ll be the best beach experience ever and that’s a word! Artificial Beach is also exists and is free of cost for tourists.


6 COVID Update

Now coming to the coronavirus updates, feel free to book with House of Travellers to get 100% disinfected hotel or resort rooms where you can spend a few days without the headache of getting infected. However, it is advised to maintain complete physical distancing norms and other covid-19 protocols while you are in the Maldives. The Maldives reopened its borders on July 15th, 2020 and you will only be allowed to fly in there if you can produce a Covid-19 negative certificate to the authorities at least 24 hours before you arrive. Some islands on the other hand are conducting Covid-19 tests anyway to create Covid-19-free bubbles in the Maldives. The happy news is that you don’t need to quarantine yourself once you are there in the Maldives. Producing the necessary virus-free certificate and documents is enough and you are good to go. Also, entry restrictions have recently been relaxed recently. This means now you are allowed to split your stay between two resorts, something that was not allowed earlier. At House of Travellers, we know how to take care of our customers in a manner that they come back to us again! Be rest assured that when it is HOT, you need not worry about a dime. And above all, when it is the Maldives, this is the right place to come to. Whatever your travel preference is, whether you want travel packages for your family or a couple, a carefully escorted tour for your elderly parents, or an offbeat vacation for yourself, only we can solve all your queries while planning for your perfect Maldives trip! Quench your curiosity about the runaway to this secret gem of a paradise and discover the beautiful marine life, explore the local culture and rediscover your soul amidst the white of the Maldivian sand, turquoise blue seawater, and picturesque and bio-diverse set of islands. Tick off the Maldives from your bucket list already and join us at House of Travellers. What are you waiting for?